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My Pillow Premium - NZ Standard/Regular Size Bed Pillow - As seen on TV!!

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My Pillow comes in 4 different loft sizes; depending on your size and the position you sleep in you need a different height pillow, see our charts and videos for further details.  Order today and get the best rest of your life!

My Pillow Premium - NZ Standard/Regular Size Bed Pillow - As seen on TV!!

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My Pillow Standard/Regular NZ Size Pillow - From the MyPillow USA range - Overview:

The first night you fall asleep on one of our Premium pillows you'll understand why over 5 million people have fallen in love with "The World's Most Comfortable Pillow", MyPillow® Premium.

These top of the line Premium pillows come in 4 different lofts to ensure you get the most restful, comfortable, deep healing sleep of your life!  Our Patented 3 piece interlocking fill allows you to adjust the MyPillow® Premium just the way you want while keeping your head and neck cool and comfortable .

Every MyPillow® Premium is 100% Non-Allergenic,  Machine Washable and Dryable and comes with a 60 Night Comfort Fit Guarantee* and 10 Year Warranty.

The NZ Standard/Regular Sized Bed Pillow is: 50.8cm wide x 71.10cm long (20" x 28") - this is a regular sized pillow and will fit regular pillow cases. 

We know once you experience a MyPillow® Premium for yourself, you'll want to take it with you everywhere you go! 

See the specs tab to find out which size is best for you! It's easy, just follow the chart.

If you have a sleep disorder click on the link below that applies to you.  This will give you both written and videoed information from the inventor of the My Pillow, Mike Lindell.

For further information see the 'specs' tab or visit

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MyPillow shipping from and how much is it?

Show TV Ltd are a New Zealand owned and operated company with head offices in both Tauranga  & Melbourne.  We have the distribution rights for the My Pillow in the whole of Australasia.  If ordering over the phone in NZ your MyPillow will be shipped from Tauranga.  The fee will be $9.90 Nationwide, or if ordering online your fee is $7.00 and $12.00 for rural delivery.  Please see if ordering in Australia.

How do I know what pillow I have?

  • Yellow (Level 1) : will have yellow writing on the tag
  • White (Level 2) : will have black writing on the tag
  • Green (Level 3) : will have green writing on the tag
  • Blue (Level 4) : will have blue writing on the tag

Do the pillows come with pillow cases?

No.  Queen pillows fit a standard sized pillow case.  King Pillows will need a longer pillow case (Sizing: Standard/Queen 50.8cmH x 71.12cmL.  Long/King is 50.8cmH x 86.36cmL)

What kind of pillow cases can I use?

100% cotton, open ended pillow cases. Using another fabric blend or material will take away the cooling effect of the pillow. Do not use pillow protectors since they will take away the cooling effect of the pillow. Pillow protectors are also not needed since MyPillow® is washable and dryable.

Where are the My Pillow store locations?

Show TV Ltd, Unit 26, 38 Ashley Place, Papamoa - We are open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

If I need to swap my MyPillow for a different size where do I send it?

Show TV Ltd, Unit 26, 38 Ashley Place, Papamoa.  Make sure you send your proof of purchase, your contact details and information on which size you would like to swap it for.

Why does MyPillow® seem lumpy?

The Patented 3 piece interlocking fill may appear to be lumpy, but once you start sleeping on it you will soon realize that you can easily move the fill and adjust it to fit your perfect sleep position. Continued washing and drying of your MyPillow® also helps condition the fill while providing a clean, sanitary place to rest your head at night.

Why is MyPillow® going flat?

The patented 3-piece interlocking fill used in MyPillow® is warranted to not go flat for 10 years. If you find your pillow is going flat, it may be due to the pillow needing to be laundered. If after washing and drying your MyPillow® you still find the pillow is going flat, please us on 0800 629 627.

Why is MyPillow® hot?

My Pillows 3 piece interlocking fill is designed to provide a cooling effect by allowing the pillow to breathe. Check to make sure you are not using a pillow protector or any other type of pillow case other than 100% cotton, open ended Pillow Case.

How do I wash MyPillow®?


  • Cold or Warm on regular cycle (not delicate)
  • Use any detergent. Do not use fabric softener.

Top Loading Machines

  • Place 2 pillows in washer to balance.
  • If only 1 pillow, balance with towels.

Front Load Machines:

  • Wash pillows with a full load of laundry


  • Tumble Dry with HIGH heat.
  • No dryer balls or fabric softener
  • Use extra spin cycles to lessen drying time.
  • Do not worry about over-drying.


  • We recommend laundering every 4 months, even if clean.
  • If you have allergies, every 2 months or as often as needed.
  • MyPillow®’s 10-Year Warranty covers laundering.

Is My Bamboo Pillow made by the same company?

NO. We have recently had customers confuse My Pillow with a Chinese bedding product, new to the market called My Bamboo Pillow. Please do not confuse My Bamboo Pillow with the Original My Pillow. My Bamboo Pillow does not have any connection whatsoever to My Pillow. My Bamboo Pillow is NOT made in the USA. Only the My Pillow can offer you different pillow heights and lofts to ensure you find the right pillow to fit you as an individual.  No matter your size, the position you sleep in or if you have any sleep disorders we will have a My Pillow to suit you!

My Pillow Premium - NZ Standard/Regular comes is four different loft sizes: from smallest to largest, level 1 (yellow), level 2 (white), level 3 (green), level 4 (blue)

Select Best Fit for you....

The 'Size' drop down represents the different loft (width) of pillow.  From smallest to largest, level 1 (yellow), level 2 (white), level 3 (green), level 4 (blue).  See below and attached and the video to find out which one is best for you.

LEVEL 1 - The MyPillow® Yellow Label has the least amount of fill and is ideal for most children ages 3 - 11, small framed women who sleep on their sides, all stomach sleepers, and average framed women who sleep on their back.

LEVEL 2 - The MyPillow® White Label is ideal for most average women, small framed men, and teenagers who sleep primarily on their side; and average framed men who sleep primarily on their back.

- The MyPillow® Green Label is ideal for most average men, large framed women, and large framed teenagers who sleep primarily on their side; large framed men who sleep on their back, and average framed women who sleep with a CPAP machine or have acid reflux.

LEVEL 4 - The MyPillow® Blue Label is ideal for most large framed men (with very broad shoulders) who sleep primarily on their side; and average framed men who sleep with a CPAP machine or have acid reflux.

  • NZ Standard/Regular size - is a standard NZ size pillow - 50.8cm x 71.12cm
  • 60-Day Comfort Guarantee and 10-Year Warranty!!
  • Machine washable! 
  • 4 different loft for every different body size!
  • Non-Allergenic !
  • Will NOT go flat!


MyPillow comes in 4 different lofts fitted to your unique sleeping patterns and body shape. Our unique 60 day comfort guarantee means that if you find that your pillow loft is not quite right for you the first time then we give you one FREE exchange to either thicker or thinner loft by your choice. Plus there is a 10 year limited warranty on any workmanship and/or material defects. We guarantee that MyPillow WILL NOT GO FLAT!! The medical grade poly-foam will not go flat for 10 to 13 years. We use permacore thread and generous seam allowance to assure your pillow will withstand years of sleep and hundreds of wash/dry cycles. Washing and drying the pillow at least every 4 months revitalises the foam so you get the quality sleep you deserve.

If you would like further information on the pillow to help you decide which size is best for you see the video for a full run-through or see the attached PDF or you can visit the American website

If you have a sleep disorder click on the link below that applies to you.  This will give you both written and video information from the inventor of the My Pillow, Mike Lindell.


See the Video Tab for further information...

See the PDF below for a size chart...

View PDF

Shipping Policy

1. Delivery
We will deliver the goods to the address you provide on the order form.

Unless these conditions state otherwise, we are not liable for any loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any delay in delivery.

If the goods cannot be delivered because you cannot accept delivery, the incorrect address has been provided, or no one is available to accept the goods, It then becomes the buyers responsibility to arrange re-delivery or personal collection of the goods from their courier depot.

2. We ship promptly and efficiently
We ship our products within 3 business days following the receipt of payment.

3. Professionally packaged to survive the journey
All our items are professionally packed for safe delivery.

4. Delivery time
Any items we send nationally will be with the customer within 7 working days.
You can see all shipping charges BEFORE putting in any personal details.

5. International Orders & Shipping Policy
Payments will be settled in New Zealand Dollars.

Whenever you place an order to be shipped outside New Zealand, your order will be processed the day it is received and shipped the next business day via New Zealand Post International. Postage and handling fees will be calculated during checkout, however (due to the costs of international shipping), if your shipping details specify to be delivered internationally, postage and handling fees will automatically be added to the cart which you will see before confirming your payment.

In some cases we may need to see a photocopy of your credit card for verification purposes. This should be scanned and sent to us via email. If validation is requested, your order will not ship until we receive this.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any order if the customer has wrongfully addressed their order. I.e. Has put New Zealand for the courier charge and then addressed it to Australia.

NB: We do not accept responsibility for additional customs taxes, duties or other fees upon your shipment's arrival to your country.

6. Undeliverable orders
If for some reason you provide the wrong address details or if your local postal service cannot provide delivery of your shipment, your order will be returned to the Show Me Ltd Delivery Centre. You will be contacted via the provided e-mail or phone number you gave when you placed your order, a customer service representative from Show Me Ltd will contact you. At that time, you will be given the choice of providing an alternate shipping address, getting a refund (if you paid with a credit card). Refunds will be given for the product purchased, but will not include shipping charges or taxes.

7. Cancellation of order

Show Me Ltd reserves the right to cancel/amend any order which has been wrongfully addressed. I.e. If a customer has been charged freight for a product to Christchurch which is not rural delivery but put a rural delivery address in their shipping details, the customer will be contacted as the freight amount will need to be increased in order for the product to be shipped.


Customer Reviews

NICE! Review by Gael
Really comforting to shape to your neck and head (Posted on 9/05/14)
I had the Best sleep I had for a Long Long Long time Review by Karen
Hello there Sorry for not answering you back sooner as I work Long hours. anyway when I first got "MY PILLOW" I sew a new pillow case, did what I had to do to"MY PILLOW" then took of all my four pillows put them a side, made bed with fresh clean sheets put "MY PILLOW" in the middle at the top of bed. waiting for me to come to bed. my Lover he ask where his was I said we have to save up for his, was not happy, but said ok. Love him. it took me a long time TO save for "MY PILLOW". anyway I had the Best sleep I had for a Long Long Long time. the best, got out of bed I was like super Lady i mean what I'm saying. any one dear touch or sleep on "MY PILLOW" my Lover well not even him really I do. the Best "MY PILLOW". Thank you so much it was long time waiting for. (Posted on 17/03/14)
Excellent pillow great sleep does everything the TV ad shows I love it thanks my pillow (Posted on 28/02/14)
Awesome Pillows Review by Sarah
My husband and I decided to get a pillow each (white and green labels) and have never regretted our decision. They may be expensive but are worth every penny. My husband had recently had back pain and since getting these pillows it's gone - amazing! I truly recommend these pillows we've had the best nights sleep since getting them, they are so comfy. (Posted on 23/01/14)
One night with you!!! Review by sheel
Excellent first nite sleep and no sore back the next morning. A bit firmer than what I m use to but that didn't take long to get use to. My pillow will be going away on holiday with me and trying to convince my husband to buy one for himself. Told other people about it, but they won't be convinced unless they have a problem and try the pillow themselves. Anyway I'm very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 27/12/13)
Best pillow ever! Review by Erica
After decades of putting up with unsatisfactory pillows, even expensive ones, and suffering continually from a sore,stiff neck, for which I've had costly treatments,..At last, after just two weeks on My Pillow, I am experiencing a reduction in tenderness and discomfort. The 'trouble spot 'remains,(Old injury) but the improved support in the high C3 area is resting the area and allowing it to settle. A real advance in reducing neck pain. I am very glad I became aware of 'My Pillow', best piece of luck in years.... (Posted on 3/11/13)
MY PILLOW Review by Wenz
I love 'My Pillow'. I have used three other types of pillows and the 'My Pillow' definitely helps me to get a better night's sleep as it moulds my head and neck into the correct position in proportion to the rest of my body. (Posted on 10/06/13)

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What is My Pillow and what are customers daying about it...?

Get fitted - What size pillow is best for you?? Check out this video for more information... 

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